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Building The First Of It's Kind

Yoga Retreat & Lifestyle Apparel Brand for NFT Holders

Karma Cats is an NFT collection with the vision of offering holders yoga retreats and branded apparel.

5,555 delightfully cute cat NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain each represent membership in Karma Cats, incubator and launchpad for world-class international yoga retreats and lifestyle apparel brand.

Our NFT is jam-packed with extraordinary utility for holders, with the vision of giving holders access to
real-world yoga adventure experiences and exclusive merchandise.

Our mission is to raise the collective vibration through epic community, retreats, and swag. Join us on this joyful Web3 journey and let's take these cats to the moon.

Origin Story

Legend of The Karmas

Once regarded as magical creatures, cats were worshipped as Gods. Rulers of the spirit realm, they were the keepers of peace, protection, justice, fertility, and power. Around 3,000 BC the domestication of cats for sacrificial purposes took an ugly turn, and a group of strays known as the Karmas formed an alliance to perpetuate their royal bloodlines and maintain their ancient teachings. Remaining in hiding for 5,000 years, the world is finally ready for them to emerge and facilitate The Great Awakening.

The Karma Cats are searching for human companions to bring back their powerful teachings of manifestation and abundance; To guide humanity through the sacred stages of enlightenment. Continue reading the full lore on our Discord...

100% Hand Drawn

Original Artwork

Our entire collection is 100% hand-drawn original art. Manually composed from over 146+ attributes, every Karma Cat is totally unique. With 15 different base fur patterns, 5 types of ears, varying postures, dozens of accessories, headwear, eyewear, jewelry, and props, you are guaranteed to get an adorable cat character with good rarity score.

Check out the Karma Factions below. There's more to these cats than meet the eye.

What Faction Are You?

Throughout millennia, it was discovered that each of the Karmas' furs carried unique powers. Factions were formed to facilitate the decentralized development of these spiritual gifts so that every cat in the colony had an opportunity to become the ultimate version of themself. The Karmas are now more powerful and united because every cat is individually empowered.


Money-inspired jade colored fur represent the Creators of the Karma Colony. Highly effective practitioners of co-creation, these elite manifestors are like magicians of the physical world, bringing ideas to material form with ease and finesse. Motivated by wealth creation, the Creators magnetize you for money while helping you awaken the Divine spark within.


With lovely lavender fur, these psychic mediums have a direct link to the Divine. Maintaining a constant state of spiritual ecstasy and alignment, these masters of intuition possess extremely heightened states of awareness and clairvoyance. Often seeing things before they happen, they have the ability to forecast circumstances and events long before they happen. Bringing companions increased levels of clarity, the Mystics sharpen the mind for spiritual synchronicities everywhere.


High frequency cat-beings with white colored fur bring healing powers to holder companions. Healers typically have a journey of painful initiation; Some extreme life turmoil or difficulty through which they pass, forcing them to seek solutions beyond what they possess. Through their own journey of healing and discovery, they develop the tools to bring healing to others.


Possibly the wisest of the Karma Cats, the Cinnamon Scholars conduct themselves with spicy intellectual prowess and cannot be defeated in matters of fact and truth. These highly educated cats are the keepers of ancient wisdom, and maintain the libraries of rituals required for ascension. They bring you knowledge of the exact steps that need to be taken to ascend to the next stage of enlightenment.


These Blue Gray builders are the engineers of awareness and awakening. With geometric, mathematical, and spiritual precision, the Architects structure the fractal expressions of the Universe facilitating the evolution of the conscious mind. Bringing companions heightened abilities to see the exact paths to success, the Architects create the map you follow to the highest expression of who you truly are.


Spirit guides are commonly referenced throughout tradition, and these Orange Tabby colored Guardians are the most active in the spirit realm. Bringing strong symbols of synchronicity and messages of intuition, the Guardians are the ultimate protectors. By warding off evils, and shielding its companions from dark energies, the Guardians bring safety and make possible for all other forms of blessings to arrive.


Also known as the "Change Agents" the Cat-alysts bring about change in the realm of the spirit. With Zebra stripes representing the contrast of elements required for alchemizing change, the Catalysts are also the connecting link between all Karma Factions. As the glue that holds the colony together, they evoke a great sense of Leadership, confidence, and influence in those around them.


Representing perfect union, harmony, love, and attraction, these Rosie Lovers are here to help you experience the highest vibrations of love possible on this plane. Embodying a pure vibration of love at all times they are the master teachers of the Law of Attraction. Helping companions become actualized in love of all forms, they facilitate balance of the self which expands outward into relationships and all areas of life. Companions can expect deep undeniable love of all kinds, and constant fulfillment in matters of the heart.


Uniquely gifted, powerful beings who have the capacity to change the world in fundamental ways. Lightworkers have psychedelic fur patterns representing the full spectrum of light they use to conduct their battle magic in both the seen and unseen worlds. These wholehearted helpers feel a strong pull towards service to others, and will use both the physical and metaphysical realms to achieve these results. Lightworkers are the magicians of the Karmas, using their powers of visualization and energy work to create miracles.


Acts of love and service to others are the guiding principles of these generous ones. The softness of their fawn colored fur symbolizes the gentleness with which they bring grace and goodness to peoples lives. By constantly blessing the lives of others, the Givers are also the most blessed. Through giving, they receive.


According to Legend, the Optimists chocolate colored fur is so dark because they absorb all the negativity around them and transmute it to high energy light. Refusing to adopt the defeatist attitudes of the small-minded majority, they believe we all contain a spark with the potential of a great blaze, and seek to cultivate that fire in each of us by helping us find the good in every situation and person.


Tiger strips of hunters symbolize fierceness and tenacity, the ability to pursue a desired outcome or result with grit and steadfast resolve. The ultimate seekers of truth, and the power players in the realm of action-oriented success. The Hunters possess both the ability to be radically still in the face of extreme discomfort, and the skill of deploying massive action with great speed.


Infinite battles won and lost bring about the Leopard spots, each symbolizing vital lessons learned through combat. The warriors are the conquerors of the Universal enemy, self-ignorance - the ultimate source of suffering. Although battle-ready, warriors are committed to practicing love and forgiveness, even of enemies.


Celestial intermediaries between humans and the heavens, these Cream colored cuties are the spirit beings that deliver blessings and communion with Universal intelligence. Whether in physical form or soul-fulfilling experiences, the blessings they offer always bring about a great sense of elevation of the spirit and lightness in ones heart. Offering companions a sacred connection to the Divine, the Angels provide extraordinary opportunities for feeling a sense of connection, purpose, and one-ness with all that is.


Aka "Paradigm Shifters", these thought-leaders have unorthodox ways of creative thinking. A cross-breed of Karmas with mixed fur patterns from years of inter-colony reproduction. The Rebels shake and break old belief systems with new-age ideas, making it possible for the species to evolve with the changing times. Rebels bring a heightened sense of creativity in looking at all things and situations.

Roadmap 1.0

Where Are We Going?

The following is a general list of intentions we have for the Karma Cats NFT project.
We may modify some or all of these goals at any time for any reason.
Phase I - Manifestation (Completed)
The official launch of the Karma Cat’s discord server and sneak peaks of our primary collection become available to the public. Our mindful community mission is launched, attracting waves of awakening souls from around the world.
WL competitions and major giveaways begin as the Karma Cats manifest success for the months to come.
Karma Cats official website launches showcasing the full scope of project details and the first of 3 mindful NFT art collections.
Intention teams are established allowing members to choose purposeful roles in our community.
Robust international marketing campaigns on all digital platforms span the globe and scores of awesome people from every nation join our movement.
Phase II - Activation (Completed)
Official Pre-Sale Minting for Karma Cats becomes available for whitelist members.
Re-investing funds from Pre-sale into marketing to create hype for public mint.
Public minting goes live for Karma Cats. The Great Activation is upon us.
** Re-invested 33 ETH ($66,000 USD) in OpenSea floor sweeps and marketing to finish mint.
- Diamond Paws registration becomes available to access all next stages of the roadmap.
Generous holder giveaways within weeks after the collection is sold out, including:
** We gave $43,280 in ETH to holders through raffles and giveaways.
** We gave over 403 NFTs back to holders from the floor sweeps
Phase III - Catalyzation (Completed)
Karma Cat Factions are established from character base attributes giving holders purposeful intentions for the NFTs they hold.
Karma Cats wallet established and funded with 5 ETH for marketing and development.
Community management and strategy adjustments to maintain founding principles.
Continue social media management and efforts to drive secondary market sales.
Phase IV - Realization (Ongoing)
Merch Development - Hire graphic artist to design branded apparel and merchandise for holders.
3D Collection Development - Hire 3D designer and begin designing 3D Karma Cats collection.
Retreat Development - Begin planning first NFT Holder Yoga & Adventure Retreat for 2024.
Hire developer for 3D collection smart contract and mint website.
Phase V - Reincarnation
Ramp up marketing efforts and collaborations with other projects for 3D drop.
3D Karma Cats collection mint goes live. All holders may claim a 3D NFT (Free+Gas) for every genesis Karma Cat NFT they hold.
All royalties from 3D Karma Cats collection go back to original Karma Cats wallet.
Phase VI - Abundance
Launch online store and allow holders to claim free merchandise.
Achieve 10X redeemable utility value for all holders.
Special development - to be announced.
Phase VII - TBD
Upon completion of the above phases of the roadmap, we will re-evaluate our plans for the future and and create a new roadmap with future intentions for retreats, online store, community, and new developments.

Why Choose Karma Cats?

We get it. So many projects dropping, how do you know this is THE ONE?
100% Original, Hand-drawn Art
High quality, aesthetically pleasing, unique collectible characters.
Free 3D Upgrade
All holders get a metaverse-ready 3D Karma Cat for Free.
Bullish Roadmap
IRL meetups, developing metaverse land, and a lot more.
Great Utility
Long-term value for holders is our #1 priority.
Doxxed Team
Karma is real, and so are we. Assured transparency and integrity.
Strong Backend Support
Experienced professionals who operate with precision. Also doxxed.
Amazing Community
Beautiful people gathered around powerful principles.
Collabs & Merch
Exciting partnerships to bring you great opportunities and epic stuff.
Supports Good Causes
Community driven good Karma to give back to charity.

Who Are We?

Team & Partners

Plus an additional 13 people working on marketing and community.

Founding Team

Founders & Marketers


Community Management,
Social Media Marketing


Blockchain Engineer,
Smart Contract Developer


Artist & Creative Director
Pixel Wizard


Discord Manager
Bot Wrangler


Public Relations,
Director of Partnerships

The 10X NFT

Better Than a Money Back Guarantee

We understand that as NFT buyers, you don’t want your “money back” - do you?

No. You want something in exchange for your purchase.

Our 10X NFT aims to deliver much more than the value you spend during mint. This is our commitment to holders and to ourselves.

We guarantee 10x utility value on your NFT within 6-months or your money back.

There are two ways we could measure 10X:
1) Floor price of collection on OpenSea.
2) Redeemable value through utility.

Explained: 10x floor price wRedeemable value through utility" is anything we offer holders with value. If we offer our holders a custom Hoodie priced at $65 retail, exclusive information like alpha insights on other projects, or a complimentary NFT, these items would be considered redeemable value. Using these methods to quantify value, we can achieve 10X.

Why 10X?

10X symbolizes our level of commitment. We are holding ourselves accountable to a level 10x what is expected of us by our community. We vow to invest 10 times the amount of resources necessary to make this project successful.
10x the time & energy.
10x resources, talent, expertise.
10x creativity, passion, and love.

We Have Just 3 Rules

To protect our project and community, we have just 3 rules for you to qualify for 10X utility.

Rule 1 - Mint From Public Sale
We require that you mint the token from this website during our presale or public sale. The timestamp of your minted token on the smart contract begins the 10x period which lasts 180 days.

Rule 2 -Do Not Transfer
The NFT must not be transferred to another wallet. If transferred, some utility value will no longer be redeemable to whoever holds it but the NFT.

Rule 3 - Never List Below .5 ETH
We require that you support the project by never listing the NFT below 0.5 ETH. This is the single best way you can support the long term value of the project and the only way we can offer this generous guarantee.

Can You Give 10X?

Can you match our 10X energy? We can't require you to commit 10x, but this project could actually 100X if our community shows up with the same level of enthusiasm, support, and passion.

Let's 10X together and take Karma Cats to the moon.
Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Do not purchase this NFT expecting a return on investment. This is not an investment contract nor is it a promise of profits. This NFT is a voucher for redeemable information, goods, or privileges, and this Guarantee is a promise to deliver *access* and *opportunity* for NFT holders to redeem said information, goods, or privileges as they may become available. Limitations apply and criteria above must be met to qualify. We reserve the right to deny anyone access to these opportunities if our community rules are broken.

About The Founder

Hi friends, I'm so glad you're here. Thank you for having a look at Karma Cats.

I am a career digital marketer with 20+ years of experience working with large brands and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. As a published author, national speaker at some of the largest tech conferences, and a member of the most elite internet marketing masterminds, I can say that I've seen a lot. But nothing is as exciting as this new frontier of blockchain, Web3, and NFTs.

My life hasn't been easy. Throughout the years I've experienced devastating loss of both family members and friends, and I personally suffered from severe health problems. If it wasn't for discovering spiritual principles and healing arts such as yoga and meditation, I probably wouldn't be here today. These new found passions led me to become certified as a yoga instructor and now my girlfriend and I run an international yoga retreat business. Why am I telling you all this? Because vulnerability is the birthplace of human connection and I want you to know a little bit about the wholehearted human that is behind this project. You have a story too, and maybe someday I will have the honor of hearing it.

Karma Cats is culmination of things that are both fun and meaningful to me. Cats, community, spirituality, technology, travel - are you kitten me?? My IRL cats helped me get through some of the most difficult struggles, and they bring me an immense amount of joy. The foundational principles that make up the factions have had a huge impact on my life. But this is less about these principles, and more about the strength of community and encouraging people to follow whatever principles (spiritual or moral) that work for them.

My hope for everyone is that you come to understand how truly powerful you are, and that you have access to tools that allow you to become the best version of yourself. No matter what life throws at you, you can survive anything, become anything, and create anything. I believe in you and I'm calling forward your greatness. Join me on this journey to the moon and beyond.

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